Hello, my nameĀ  is Tia Wright. I am a past student of the Rousseau primary school and I now attend the Gaynstead High School. I am currently in second form. I am fourteen years of age, pretty young right. I have four siblings who inspires me each day. I love kids and so do my family members. I know there will be challenges and battles that I’ll have to accept but with God by my side and the confidence I have in myself I know that I will achieve my goals.

In the future I would like to be a paediatrician. Why you may ask? Well because I love kids, I also love to take care of them and I love being around them. Being a paediatrician, it will come with challenges but with God by my side I will overcome and uplift myself for better. I am a very talented young one who always strives for good and nothing less. As I grow each day, a few words guide me along the way: THE SKYS IS THE LIMIT AND WITH ENOUGH CONFIDENCE IN ME I CAN AND I WILL.


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