My top five strengths are [Restorative, futuristic, Competition , strategic and achiever] FUTURISTIC one of my reactions were when it came back that I was futuristics I was like wow is this true.I have learnt  that it   gives me the potential and the encouragement to push myself who loves to peer over the horizons. In being Futuristic I will like others to see me most in energizing others with visions of the future .I will also like them to see me in inspiring the future and what it could be.


With me  be being restorative I would like others to see me most in succeeding when I succeed ,many people starts to understand the procedures and how they work . I am apt to derive satisfaction from outlining the intricate steps of processes.


In me being strategic I will for people to see me most in that the language has fascinates me since childhood and my ever expanding vocabulary often earns me compliments . driven by my talents I generate I generate ideas quickly.


Because of my strengths I feel very good about myself and life in general when you exhibit the self discipline to apply all your energy  mental and physical  to a job , assignment , God or obligation .


I am exceptionally talented in the competition theme I, I like to measure the progress against the performance of others . I like to strive to win first place and to reveal in contests.